Letter-pressed text pieces with descriptions of 18th century landscape paintings in the international phonetic language by Nicolas G Miller. 

Kate Bonner and Sarah Hotchkiss 
Double-sided screenprint on paper 
20” x 20”, 2012 
$80 Each / $150 Both 

BookFacundo ArgañarazRoll format, ink jet on canvas, Ed. of 3 
EQUALIZE (54 Seconds)
Material: Audio magnetic tape and light
Size: 40 x 56 inches
This work is the size of a book by Linus Bill in the show. 
Edition: Unique

Christopher Baird 
Plywood, Plexi, Self-help books, MDF 
Hundreds of youths went on a rampage in Huntington Beach on Sunday afternoon, pelting police officers with rocks and bottles, storming a large lifeguard station and overturning and burning police vehicles.
11.5 x 15.75″200 total edition run, signed and numberedLimited edition (100) with 11×14 print
PAGES: 160gsm Naturalis Matt Absolute White,Saddle stitched with silkscreened cover
Little Big Man Books
David Horvitz, 51 Photographs from 2009, $25. 
Cybele Lyle is dropping off her book Shifting Spaces today. If you come to the event tonight you can check it out as a bonus! 
Shifting Spaces
26 pages, hard cover, 12” x 16”
Ed. of 8 
Correspondences is Matt Connors’ first artist book. Taking its inspiration from 1960’s poetry paperback covers, the book acts as a kind of “themes and variations” / exercise de style, deploying a psychedelic template and reiterating it through a limited number of colors and formal iterations. The saturated colors and delicate play of formal repetition and variation create both a series of linked discreet images as well as an autonomous art object, with color and form creating a narrative rather than text.
Published by Ooga Booga. 
sumi ink club is a participatory drawing project established in 2005 by los angeles-based artists sarah rara andluke fischbeck. the club produces work cooperatively in open-to-the-public meetings, which can be organized by anyone at any time. in each of its permutations, sumi ink club uses group drawing as a means to open and fortify social interactions that bleed into everyday life. sumi ink club is non-hierarchical: all ages, all humans, all styles.